Urban Solo Traveler

Hi, I’m Debbie Walker, a van dweller wannabe, who lives in a big city and wants to make a change when I retire. As a single female, I made the decision to buy a cargo van and build it out to accommodate my hobbies/passions/business. Since completing the floor and insulation, I made my first trip with a friend to the Midwest Van Life Gathering in Makanda, Il last weekend. It was an amazing experience and I met so many people who are like-minded and willing to share their stories. I hope to make many of my own some day.

This blog is meant to accomplish a few things and your positive feed back and suggestions are appreciated. First, I want to share my van build experience. If I can do it, so can you. There are a couple of advantages: 1- I have a condo. 2- I am working full time. 3- I can use a relative’s driveway if I want. Disadvantages: 1- The van is in a parking lot and is not easy to work on discreetly. 2- I only work on it over the weekend. 3- The weather is my radar and limits the time I can work on the van. 4- My relative lives 22 miles away and some of my stuff disappeared from the garage.

Please check out my photos on instagram to see the progress of the van build.

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