I don’t like heat very much. 50-70′ is my kind of weather. That being said, I decided to insulate the heck out of the van because I plan to travel in cooler temps, but don’t want to freeze at night. The week between Christmas and New Year was the test to see how I would survive in cold temps. That is when I installed the insulation. I used 1 -1/2″ poly isoboard on the walls and ceiling and 1″ on the floor. The furring strips held up the foam on the ceiling after they were in place. The foam boards were sprayed with glue as well as the walls with 3M 77. I also used Great Stuff to seal around the foam and attempted to fill in the gaps in the ribs. Great Stuff does not work well in temps below 70′. Lesson learned. I made a huge mess and ruined my clothes with this stuff. Yikes! I also used wool batting from Eco-Building Products in Michigan. There are no chemicals in it and if you don’t squish the batting flat it will keep it’s R rating. I think it’s R-13. I stuffed in in all of the holes and hope it works. One ceiling panel was left alone to make room for the fan installation. I have an extra roll that I didn’t use for sale if anyone is interested.

The Mr. Buddy heater served me well! I will definitely upgrade when I’m ready.

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