Re-Titling the van and insurance

At some point when the van is completed, I will probably have to update my vehicle insurance. This is a pretty tricky subject that makes me nervous. All of the articles out there state that some companies will not insure a converted van. Has anyone ever had their insurance company drop them because they converted their van? I reached out to my agent and she is asking some questions about it. I am totally honest with her because the last thing I need is to have my insurance coverage dropped. I looked at IL reclassification and yes, a van can be converted and re-titled under certain conditions.

625 ILCS 5/1-145.01 – Motor Home, Mini Motor Home or Van Camper definition:
A self-contained motor vehicle, not used commercially, designed or permanently converted to provide living quarters for recreational,camping or travel use, with direct walk-through access to the living quarters from the driver’s seat. Such vehicles must include at least four of the following:
a) A cooking facility with an on-board fuel source;
b) A gas or electric refrigerator;
c) A toilet with exterior evacuation;
d) A heating or air conditioning system with an on-board power or fuel source separate from the vehicle engine;
e) A potable water supply system that includes at least a sink, a faucet, and a water tank with an exterior service supply connection;
f) A 110-125 volt electric power supply.
(Source: P. A. 86-971)

There’s more on the form including a checklist and certification information. The State Police is the only agency that can perform this inspection.

Here is the link to the State of Illinois search results for more information.

So, I think I’m OK at least legally, if the van meets the above criteria and I pass the inspection, I can get the van re-titled. I’ll let you know my agent’s feedback on this. Does anyone have information to share about how other states re-title converted vans? Please let me know by sending a comment!

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