The Yeti Tundra75 was returned :(

Tundra 75

I was thrilled to order this awesome cooler, and was very excited when it arrived. However, the box it was in came up to my chest (yes, I’m short). It weighed 45# and I had a very hard time getting it out of the box. This is a 35# cooler without contents and has no wheels. This cooler is HUGE and way too big for me to handle physically. If there were wheels I might have kept it. I placed it in my storage locker and contemplated what to do. Last week, I decided to send it back and since I purchased it directly from Yeti, they were extremely helpful and were willing to take it back. They sent me an RMA form and shipping label for UPS. I will receive a full refund and am so thankful! I will buy a smaller Yeti and will check them out at REI this weekend and will buy a 12v cooler for the van instead. I think there are advantages to buying direct from the manufacturer. More on that later. Bye!

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