Weekend project and issues

Alas, there have been some setbacks and my funding is low. I’ve had insomnia this week for the first time in years, which means I’m pretty stressed out. The condo has been on the market all summer and the price was lowered drastically, but there have been no showings. My realtor says the price is the issue, so we keep lowering it to no avail. Without money, it will be hard to work on the van and I’ve decided that I have to let go of some of the stress. Got a good night sleep yesterday and feel much better.

Saturday was busy in spite of lack of sleep. Brought the van in for an oil change and spent $350 on other stuff that I probably don’t need, but at least it’s done and I won’t have to do it again for a while. The dealer gave me a car wash coupon and went I arrived at the gas station, the clearance was too low…I have to get the van washed as it is streaking on the sides.
I also went to the fabric store to buy more black out lining for the curtain divider. I think it will turn out really well! The back covers are complete and magnets are attached. Once the side curtain attachments and the divider are done, it’s going to look great.
After a good breakfast and a much needed nap, the next project was to work on the toilet bench. The top lid had the hinge installed and I bought wood glue to attach the lips on the edges. (The blisters showed up on my right hand not long after. There are two perfect little circles in the palm of my hand.) When it dries it will be moved to the van and I’ll finish it with screws to secure. It can be done even when I’m not feeling that great. At least I’ve accomplished something this weekend.
Sunday, I am going to Amer. Sci and Surplus to exchange some of the magnets that were too strong for me to work with. It’s a feel good place and I have some time today. I think I’ll make Margaritas tonight!

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