Urban Excursion – don’t do this!

I had to take care of some paperwork Friday and took the Red Line downtown. When I finished, I walked over to the Daley Center and sat on a bench to rest. Then, a couple of food trucks appeared and were being herded into the plaza. I was fascinated, and as time went on more trucks appeared. This was a great photo opportunity so I pulled my little camera out of my bag and started walking around, shooting some pics of the Picasso sculpture and the trucks, etc. Suddenly, a woman ran up to me and mentioned that I’d left my bag on the bench and said that she noticed I was taking pictures, and thought I was coming back right away. We hurried back to the bench and an officer was there checking it out. I claimed my bag and apologized for walking away, and he was OK with it and left. Apparently, someone called the Fire Dept. and reported my abandoned package. I thanked the woman and picked up my bag which was my lunch bag with the papers in it. A few minutes later, an older man came up to me and told me that he called the Fire Dept. I apologized to him as well. What a morning! Lesson learned: don’t get distracted and leave your stuff on a bench at the Daley Center. The consequences could have been dire – like an arrest 😦 !

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