Van build on hold – I’m exhausted!

The Daley Center

Hi, it’s been a crazy few months because I am trying to sell my condo. Originally listed in June, the agent didn’t do anything to help me sell. There were a lot of pricing issues because the market started dropping pretty much all summer. I was really frustrated with this process and started talking to some colleagues at work who were buying/selling real estate and got a couple of referrals. A big shout out to Brian Martello, who gave me more information in one day than my agent did all summer. He referred me to another agent, and after a couple of interviews, I fired my agent and cancelled the listing.
I am choosing Brian’s referral and hope we can get the listing done for the very short window left this fall. She is a fireball, and gave me a bunch of information and suggestions for making the unit look better. So I had to switch gears and focus on the condo. Thus, the van build is on hold until I get the condo relisted. I am in the process of purging my stuff, which is a good thing, but very emotional. I can only work on one project at a time…Wish me luck!

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