Van Maintenance

Hi there, I’m back in van mode at least for now. Today is a mom-sitting day and I am finally getting the leak fixed in the van. There was a lot of water due to the rain so I was able to show the technician where the leak was. I’m sitting in Dunkin Donuts waiting for the work to be done.
The condo has been cleaned and organized, and I just have to finish up a few things when I get home on Sunday. My photo buddy, Todd is coming over to help me move some furniture around and maybe pack up some boxes for storage. I have a good feeling about the new listing because my agent, Julie is a real dynamo! Apparently, there must be a mini boom happening because her photographer is booked solid. If the condo sells this month, I will have to move quickly on the van. I’ll need to draw out my plans for the walls so I can get the plywood cut. I think I’ll have my trailer guy install the walls and ceiling in addition to the electrical work. I am still thinking about it and really would rather do the walls myself. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Trying to save money on this is the best way to go, but without labor, what’s the point?

I am much more optimistic than last week when I was feeling bad about letting go of my stuff. That’s another post… Carry on!

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