Being an Amazon Associate – or not!

Do I look like a criminal?

A while back I signed up to become an Amazon Associate, and in some of my posts I incorrectly referred to this as Amazon Affiliate. Oops, sorry about that. Anyway, as an Associate, if I put up links on my posts for products I’ve used and reviewed, I need to disclose that I am receiving a small commission from any sales I’ve earned. So, here is my disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate and receive a small commission for any sales.
Moving on. I keep getting these notices from Amazon to make sure I disclose this on any page referring to a link, so I’m going through all of my posts with the product links to make sure that I am compliant with Amazon and the FTC. I mean, really? I haven’t sold anything since I had the account, so what are they going to do? Close my account? Oh well. We’ll see how much longer I like Amazon, but that will be another post.
So here it is. I ordered a Westinghouse 2200 iXLT gas generator to use when I am sewing and cooking with higher watt appliances. I discovered that my iron alone runs 1800 watts! Yow! I need the damn thing so I will plunk down the money. I’ll review and post the generator and disclose that awesome commission I’ll get if any one ever buys it. Geez,,,

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