Urban van dweller moving on

Pitbull Dax from Pinterest

Happy fall! I am enjoying the beautiful fall weekends in Chicago and today visited one of my new van life friends who is finishing up building out his Ford Transit. It looks great and though very simple with no fancy finishes, it is very organized and functional. There is no plumbing but 400 watts of solar that I am pretty envious about. Abner and his daughter have been urban van dwellers for 2+ years in Chicago and are now getting ready to move on to sunny and much warmer California. They have been staying in the city and spend nights in a parking lot with a few others, not really suffering in the cold, but being pretty annoyed about having to keep the van running with the heater on to take the chill out. No fun at all!
Abner gave me a lot of information on how to build the electrical, finding reclaimed and unused wood, and how to work with the IRS (he was a former debt collector). His daughter is an IT geek and is building an app for shopping at small businesses. I wish her the best success!

Abner also just purchased to Pitbull Dax dogs for breeding. They are the cutest things!!! I love dogs…. We talked about all kinds of things, and plan to meet up in Arizona in January for Bob Wells’ RTR. I will post a link to that when the dates are announced.

In the meantime, my realtor hosted an open house and had 4 visits. Wish me luck!

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