Moving forward with the van build

This week I visited Erhardt’s RV Service and Trailer Sales and met with Tim, the sales manager around 7:30 am. I’ve been sick with a viral infection, and it was the worst day to go out there. It rained all morning and it was cold (poor me). We spent about a half hour hashing out ideas for installing paneling in the walls and ceiling, and electric. The biggest challenge will be framing out the CR Laurence T-vent window because of the weird angles that are there. I chose flat white ceiling paneling and birch for the walls. OOH, can’t wait to see it when it’s done. I’ll have the quote next week and will faint then. My intentions for building this myself were good, but with no shop or even a driveway to work with, I didn’t get anything done this summer or fall because of our awesome weather. This build shouldn’t have taken so long, but I’m glad I watched the UTube videos that everyone was explaining that these builds always take longer than they should. I’m taking the van in on Dec. 9 and plan to take pictures as much as I can. Hopefully, I can finish the insulation on the doors and get rid of the leftovers next weekend, cuz right now I’m feeling pretty crappy. I also want to finish my box for the composting toilet. Then I have to start packing…

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