Van build progress – looks great!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope they have been relaxing. On Christmas Eve, my neighbor drove me to the train station so I could pick up the van. It was super foggy and it took much longer than anticipated to get to the station, but I had plenty of time to spare, and she arrived home safely.

The train ride was short and sweet, very quiet. I took a taxi to the shop and Dale greeted me at the door. All of the technicians and Tim were at the front desk and we chatted for a little while. Then Tim took me into the shop and showed me the progress of the van. WOW!!! It’s 98% done and looks fantastic! The wall, ceiling and most of the electric was done. I have 3 new LED lights and they kept the door lights intact as well. There are twin outlets on either side of the van: 12volt, USB, and 110Volt. The only thing left is to install the outlet for the fridge and put the new AGM batteries in. I wanted to put the batteries in the back on top of the wheel well, but Tim mentioned that it would be difficult to get to the batteries from the top, thus the batteries will go in front of the wheel well on the floor and I’ll build a storage bench for them. Hopefully, my sewing machines will fit in there, too.

My favorite part is the window frame. OMG Dale did a fantastic job covering that stupid thing up. It’s beautiful! The ceiling is white 1/4″ beadboard and the walls are birch beadboard. It smells so nice in there. The final project will be covering the door panels and the rest of the holes where the wool insulation is in the back. I’m thrilled! Yes, this cost me a fortune, but I wouldn’t have been able to do this as nicely, and obviously didn’t have the time or space to do this, so it was all worth it!

I’ll bring the van back after the holidays and when I move, because there is too much else going on right now. Got through Xmas with the family and it was fun seeing my sister and brother-in-law from Florida and the newest baby girl, who just started walking around and talking blah blah blah.. So cute!!

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