Day 2 at the shop (PS1/hacker space)

By the time I came to post this it is 2 weeks later. Sunday was a light day. I returned the screws to Home Depot and bought another piece of 2×2. I also bought a 24″ level that should help putting in the bed frame and the correct screws then headed over to the shop. Sundays seem to be the lightest day there as the only people who were in the woodshop were working on the maintenance of the equipment. Looked like they were finishing up the dust collector installation. Less dust for me!

As I reviewed my cut list, I realized that I needed 2 2×2’s not 1. Jeez, I have got to get this together. Fortunately, there were a few pieces of salvage material that I could use and was able to complete the cuts for the bed frame. I ended up chatting with a couple of people and helping a man with a ladder. I also bought some L brackets and used them to stabilize the wheel well covers. The plywood cover was literally falling apart, but the birch one was stable. I reinforced where needed and put them in place in the van. I spent some time attaching both covers to the floor of the van and will also attach a bracket to the center top of each to the rib in the wall. That should hold them in place for a while. Wheel covers can be checked off the list now.

Unfortunately, my back gets really sore after work on the van, and I don’t do too much when I’m finished. One the way home I stopped to get gasoline and went to my storage space to pick up the cot and the chair, since both pieces of furniture will be gone on Monday. I need something to sit on and to sleep on now.

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