Toilet box lid redo – EEK

Back to work last Sunday at the shop. Boy, it’s crowded over there. The cool thing is that I am not the only female who uses the wood shop – impressive! And, I’m not the only newbie. I tried my best to take apart the lid for the toilet box because I mis-measured the sides when I cut the first pieces and the lid was too short to accommodate the toilet seat. I spent most of the afternoon with my little Dremel MotoTool to cut the sides off, and unfortunately, pulled off at least one layer of the birch plywood. I cut the right size pieces for the sides and started gluing them. I used mineral oil to seal some of the pieces and will finish the inside of the box with it to give it some protection. The polyurethane didn’t seem to be the right choice either.

After all of the pieces were recut I just took the box lid home and glued it together. Needless to say, the cuts don’t match anymore, but I will put some screws into the side corners to secure it and when I fit the lid to the box, I’ll use some shims to even it out. Otherwise, it will wobble like crazy. Will probably go back to the shop tonight and continue to complete the box. I am getting tired of looking at it. Hopefully, it will be easier to install the bucket and diverter.

Note: Since the shop is pretty crowded and I am very focused when I’m there, you probably won’t see too many pictures, cuz I keep forgetting to take them.

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