Closed the condo sale and the clock starts now!

The clock started ticking on Thursday when I finally closed the condo sale. I negotiated a post-close possession with the buyer and will be able to stay until the end of March. Amazingly, my condo office manager offered me my parking space while I’m still living here! So I don’t have to move until the end of March! YAYAYAYAY!

The fun begins…I have a plan. First, the upper cabinets, then the bed frame and bed. Finish the toilet box, build a twin storage box from Baltic birch plywood, work my way forward. Redo the back window covers, buy a sink and plumbing supplies, learn how to install drawer sliders. Then I can build the cabinet for the fridge and camp stove, appliances and kitchen stuff. Then I can build the cabinet that houses the sink and water with more storage. Then I can build the curtain that separates the cab of the van from the cargo (now living) area. WOW, that’s a lot of stuff. Any volunteers to help would be greatly appreciated…:)

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