Day 4 PS1 – toilet box build almost done after two tries.

Watching the glue dry

On the day of my closing I spent most in the shop trying to finish this project. I tried taking the lid apart because I mis measured and the sides were too low to fit the toilet seat. I was able to salvage the large front part but the back part was destroyed. Trying to take apart the glued pieces was almost impossible and I tore up the top layers of the plywood. I took it home to reglue and you can see below that nothing matched up.

I recut the back piece of the lid. I will be more careful with the glue moving forward. I installed the toilet seat and had to cut out part of the lid to make room for the hinges. I used a jig saw and then sanded the cut part smooth. I still have my nails and fingers 🙂

Completed box bottom up

Screwing the bottom made a huge difference and made the box stable. Of course, I performed a dry test on the toilet seat and it fit fine. I also sat on the completed box and the height and width was fine. I just need to decide on what kind of handle to use to lift the lid. YAY! I’m excited! The last part will be to retrofit the inside with the bucket, pee bottle and urine diverter. Such fun things to talk about, but very important to function properly.

Jan. 22 Here are the pix of the finished box with the hinge reattached. I’ll get more pictures with the toilet seat. So cool!

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