Cabinets – a newbie nightmare!

Jan. 22. So how hard can this be, right? I’m having woodworking dreams after watching all of the damn Utube videos.

I am going to try to get as much done in the back of the van as possible over the next couple of weeks. This includes building another storage box for my sewing machine, serger/overlock machine and foot pedal. The sewing machine with its case is about 14″ long x about 10″ deep. The serger is about 12 x 12″. The box will be 23″ wide by 21″ deep and might have to be adjusted. Will have to remeasure to check twice, cut once. If I cannot fit both in, that’s fine. I’ll box the serger up and keep it in the back under the bed frame.

Next, the upper cabinets over the bed and on the driver’s side in the back will be built. The side measures 72″ long and will give me plenty of storage space, and I will use a standard closet depth of 14″. There will be 2 36″ cabinets, possibly with doors, but I am not decided (can you tell that this takes forever for me to decide on things? No wonder it’s been a year and I’m not done). Last weekend, since I couldn’t find any wood, I worked in the van and it was cold. I created the templates for the cabinet sides and with angles all over the van, it too a few hours to accomplish this. They are made from heavy cardboard and should hold up because I’m only cutting 2 boards with each template. That’s how much difference there is. I think I’m just going to put cabinets on one side, but I’ll confer with Tim and see what he says. I’m sure the finished cabinets will be narrower and will fit just fine.

Underneath the bed cabinet, I plan to add another layer of shelving and the sides will sit on top of the bed board for stability. This will be smaller but I want to use as much space there as possible. Being vertically challenged is an advantage in the situation because I won’t reach the other side of the bed when I’m lying down and will be sure to make room for the mattress and my feet just in case.

Yep, I might paint them all white.

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