Another day at the shop

Storage box in progress

Feb.1 OMG it’s February already and I am slowly making progress with the build. Saturday was an all -day workday from 8 am to close to 5 pm. Most of it was finishing the poly coating on the toilet box and assembling the storage box “twin.” You would never know that they were from the same family. Assembling these large boxes have been a challenge because I didn’t have the right screws and not enough corner clamps. This box literally took all day to put together, which should not have taken so much time. All I did was watch the glue dry and was helpless to see the gaps when I put the wood screws in. I took one side apart and reglued and tried to use the nail gun for a couple of sides. Unfortunately, the nail gun kept jamming and the box is still incomplete.

A couple of people showed me how to attach the nail gun to the air hose properly and unjam the nail gun. One man suggested bracing the inside of the box to keep it from falling apart on the road. After one of the wheel well covers fell apart, I was convinced that this was a great idea.

I will make a trip to HD Sunday and get some regular nails because that nail gun took too much time to unjam. I will also try to get different screws and hopefully, they will work better. Right now they stick out a little because they weren’t countersunk. I am learning something new everyday!

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