Lessons learned about building a box

Feb 2. At Home Depot, I found the countersink bit and bought finishing nails and self-tapping metal screws just in case. When I got back to the shop, it was packed again. Seems that Sundays are a busy day there, even at 8:30 am. Fortunately, I grabbed a table before I left for Home Depot and have plenty of room for a while.

I removed all of the wood screws from the box and used the counter sink bit on all of the holes and sanded them, then rescrewed all of them by hand so I wouldn’t split the plywood. On Saturday, I decided to sand the pieces and OMG, what a difference it made.

I finished the storage box and it looks great! What a difference types of plywood make. Please check out the pictures, and you will see that the toilet box, made from “regular” birch plywood, is so much darker when clear coated and very grainy. I might paint it white to match it better.

Lessons I learned:
– Sand the pieces before finishing
– Use the counter sink bit for the wood screws and predrill holes to prevent splitting.
– Clear coating in Satin finish brings a nice sheen to the wood.
– Use the same type of wood for projects going into the same space.

On to the next project: bringing in the rest of the plywood and starting on the cabinets.

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