Cabinet progress

In progress

2/15 There was a change in plans on the cabinets on Wednesday. I thought I’d do all of this fancy stuff with making a single long piece of framing, but alas, that didn’t work. In all of my frustration, I decided to make each cabinet separately and then butt them together at the install. I failed miserably trying to get the pocket holes to work and had to take a time out. I’m taking all of those stupid screws back to HD. We had this big discussion at the shop about how well wood glue would hold up to the vibrations in the van. Brady tested my oak frames by trying to rip them apart and he couldn’t. I watched in horror during this and it took a while to pop my eyes back into my head. So I am moving forward with just using the glued boards for the frame.

I had an idea to cut notches in the top sides to accommodate the furring strips that will attach to the ceiling and think this will work pretty well. So attached to the ceiling and metal wall , they should be very sturdy.

I cut additional sides for the ones that were missing and took all of the cabinets apart to cut the notches and reattach. 12 hours and 2 fast food meals later, there is only one more cabinet to finish and then I can dry fit them in the van. After they are dry fitted the furring strips will be attached to the ceiling. Then I will cut and attach the doors and paint/coat the fronts and insides and install the cabinets.

It’s progress and I see light at the end of the tunnel! Can’t wait to take pictures of the finished cabs.

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