Weekend Sewing Warriors

Silk tie tote by Valerie Koppenhaver, ASG Chicago

2/22 Earlier that morning, I packed up some things to bring to the storage unit and removed the fridge and put that in the unit so I could free up some floor space. I am planning to put in an underlay to waterproof the subfloor.

I met with a couple of sewing colleagues on Saturday afternoon and it felt great driving around. The weather was gorgeous with a bright shining sun! YAY, sun and a little warmer!
My first stop was to meet Valerie from ASG, who took a bunch of fabric from my stash and a mannequin I was no longer using. I am now down to 2 space bags. WOW! We talked about the van and my plans to travel and to bring my sewing machines with me. Valerie shared her Sedona story and showed me a gorgeous silk tie tote that she made while looking at the Red Rock Mountains. I am so inspired!!

Afterward, the plan was to have another sewing colleague, Ruth help with the dry fitting of the van. We were going to meet at PS1 but I decided to drive to her house directly, since she doesn’t have a car. When I got there I explained that I didn’t want to go to the shop and we just hung around all afternoon. She gave me great input about the design and I was glad to get opinions on the build to help me put things into perspective. All in all, it was a very fun afternoon but I didn’t get anything done with the van.

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