Cabinet Progress

3/1 OMG it’s March already!! The back and front cabinets were dry fitted yesterday and I made a couple of changes to fit the cabinets. They’ve been painted and repaired and hopefully will not fall apart on me. My sister and her friend helped me to set up the cabinets and the furring strips have been fitted and one installed on the passenger side for future. This process has been an interesting and humbling experience, since I didn’t know what I was doing. But now they look like real cabinets and I’m excited about finishing the doors and installing them when I install the cabinets. All I have to do is find the hinges I bought last week…

We also installed the bed frame furring strips to the walls. Finding the right spots was a challenge, and I am so glad I changed the screws I was using. More on that later. My sister was surprised that you can’t use a level in the van and that I had to measure up from the floor. Her friend is in construction and explained how this works (or not). He was really helpful and showed me how to use the drill and impact driver in different ways to make it easier. We had to go to the hardware store to find a star tipped screwdriver because we thought that one of the furring strips was off. Turns out it was the wood, not me :).

There’s a new piece of plywood at the shop and I’m waiting for a plywood carrier to be delivered so I can carry them myself moving forward. The plywood will be used to make the doors and the sides to the bed frame. I bought a 4′ x 8′ sheet this time that was a lower grade than the B grade baltic birch I used for the cabinets. I hope to have enough to make a box and will draft the frame and box today.

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