Wood shop incident: my thumb got screwed by mistake!

This hurt!

3/7 I hope I never have to build cabinets again! As I was trying to get the new hinges to work on the frame, I had to back out one of the screws and my thumb got in the way. OUCH!!!! The left thumb got a bit mangled by the screw and took a chunk of skin out next to the nail. Fortunately, I am not one to panic (too many hand incidents in another timeline) and I just put pressure on it as I walked over to the First Aid Station and grabbed a bandage. I calmly walked to the bathroom lounge and asked Johnny, who I have become to know a little, for assistance. We soon realized that the band-aid was not enough and as I washed the wound he ran out to find something else. He came back with a gauze pad, tape and antiseptic and put a great bandage on. Thanks, Johnny!!

I sat around for about 15 minutes and then tried to continue to work to no avail because I lost my focus and started to make mistakes. Matthew, who was also in the wood shop, saw that I was wounded and showed me his battle scare from the StopSaw. Fortunately, it was just a little scratch, but a much scarier experience! He asked me if there was anything he could do and I declined. This wasn’t a cut, just a gouge, so no clinic assistance was needed. We are learning very well to pay attention when we are in the shop.

Once I lost my focus, I decided to pack up and leave. I asked Johnny to help me with my bags and he brought my stuff back to the van. Sadly, he lost his footage and banged his shin on the bottom of the doorstep. I gave him a big hug and hopefully he will be OK. I went home and had a glass of wine and finished my Chinese left overs.

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