Exciting News: Yellowstone, here I come!

Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone National Park 2016

3/8 I have worked at Northwestern University for over 13 years and the day has finally come. I gave my notice last Monday and May 1, 2020 will be my last day at NU. Tom was not surprised because I gave him so many hints that he was going to ask me about it after he came back from traveling this month and I thank him for telling me about his love of the national park system. He was instrumental in encouraging me to visit them.

After I gave my notice, I looked for workamping jobs at Joe’s (PS1) suggestion and found a bunch of them at Yellowstone National Park through Workcamper News at their web site workamper.com . This is a great site for RVer’s and nomads who are looking for work on the road. More on that later.

I applied for a kitchen helper in the employee dining room at Delaware North, who recruits these types of positions specifically for Yellowstone General Stores. This was a random choice and I just thought it would be a fun way to meet people and hang out with when I am not working. We had a phone interview last Thursday and I received a job offer later that afternoon. Now, this isn’t for everyone. Yellowstone is super remote and there are no towns to drive to really. However, the scenery will make up for everything and I will finally live my dream to travel and work on the road. The pay is just a little more than room and board, but I will be safe and secure during the season. Unfortunately, the RV sites were taken when I applied, so I will have to room with someone in a dorm. That’s the only downside. If I can park by the dorm, I might just sleep in the van for more privacy, and use the facilities for everything else. However, the dorms are walking distance to the stores or sometimes attached to them depending on the location, so this is a good thing.


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