Cabinet Progress – Big accomplishment today!

3/12 I decided not to go to work and headed to the shop. I retrieved the doors from the paint area and cut them to the correct size on the new SawStop. This is a great machine and was super easy to adjust the blade. I played around with making shims and was able to do it on the SawStop and then chopped it into the pieces I needed.

I worked on #3 cabinet to fill in the gap that I created with the saw when I was trimming the shelf support to the right size. All of the fixes took a lot of time. The glue will be strong enough to support the shelf. I also added support with more screws and I think it looks good now.

Gary and Jim came in and we were chatting for a bit. Gary and I tried to figure out how to put the hinges on the doors and we finally had a plan. It turned out the the hinges had to be installed upside down to fit properly. I turned the cabinets around until I was able to line the frame up with the door. Then I put all of my marks in, drilled the center holes and lined up the hinges with the doors. With the doors flat on the table, it was a lot easier to work on. I also glued the shims on the back of the doors because the screws were too long and popped through. Unfortunately, they still popped through, and I will add some kind of decoration on the front of the doors to hide the holes and screws. Thanks for the suggestion, Dan!

So all the items have been dry fitted and are ready to assemble and install. I just have to add knobs, latches and sticks to hold the doors open. The cabinets turned out well, but are not perfect, and as long as they do what they are supposed to, I am OK with that. YAY! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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