Cabinet Progress – The Saga Continues

Added braces to the cabinet backs

3/14 I should have asked the RV guys to build my cabinets. Every time I think I’m ready something else comes up that stops me in my tracks. Today I screwed the 12′ furring strip to all of the cabinets and thought I came up short. I remeasured, and think I’ll be OK because the wood strips in the ceiling are 1×2’s that should give me some wiggle room. The cabinets will look great once I get them up. 3/16 The furring strips were perfectly correct. I need to stop undermining myself.

Here was the dilemma. I don’t think it will be practical to install the cabinets with the furring strip attached because a 12′ length of cabinets will be daunting. I plan to take the furring strip off and install it on the ceiling separately, which should make the cabinets a little easier to manage. Even though they are not boxes, there is still some weight to them and the shelves will make them heavier. There was a little bowing between the two sets of cabinets because of the 12-3/4″ gap between them. I will install a small shelf there with L-brackets.

I also had to buy more 1×2’s for the back braces, cut them for each cabinet and screw them in before I finish the installation. I found some knobs left over from the condo redo and will screw the doors back in at the end and put some cup hooks with bungee cords for “rails” to keep stuff from falling out.

My mother is concerned because they are not done yet and I promised to send her pictures. Sheesh! Not too much pressure. I know it’s because I have to move out at the end of this month, but I will be staying with one of my sisters for a few days. And I have until May to get the van ready.

In the meantime, I cut the shim I had left over into small pieces to cover the holes in the doors that I made. I also traced the back windows so I can redo the covers and broke down and got a hair cut.

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