Stuck at home – much to do!

Latches for the cabinets

3/22 This week was very productive with the van install and to some extent I am thankful to have the time off. Illinois has a shelter in place order, so the shop is closed. This will hurt a little but not too much because Home Depot is open with reduced hours and they have cutting services that will help.

After the governor made his announcement, I scrambled to HD around 5:30 pm and bought a sheet of 3/4″ birch plywood for the bed platform and got it cut to my dimensions. This is a nice piece of wood that they got from another store, and I may be going up there for future purchases. When I got to the register it was just about closing time and I became impatient as a couple of cashiers were busy chatting and I felt like they were ignoring me. I made a snarky comment and they got p***d. When the cashier finally checked me out, neither of us could find the sticker and she couldn’t find it in the computer. I told her that the price was $46 but she couldn’t find it and range me up at $17. I kept insisting that the price was wrong, but she said she was tired and wanted to leave, and just let it go. I felt bad for being snarky and will go back to get the price adjusted and pay my due. The guys in the lumber department are great, but the cashiers – meh.

I also went back to my local hardware store to exchange the latches I bought for some short bungee cords and eye hooks. I’ll put the hooks behind the frame under the knobs and will latch them that way. I also bought my first patch…

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