What to do when staying at home – bake some bread!

Mmm, yummy! Turned out right this time.

3/31 Greetings! Last week I attempted to make No-Knead bread from one of the YouTube recipes and failed miserably. Apparently, I didn’t use enough yeast and that it expired a year ago. The grocery store was out of yeast, and I guess I’m not the only one trying to bake. The store had some the last time I went and I bought it. YAY!

This was the easiest recipe I’ve used since I gave away my bread machine. I will not post it here because I used two different directions to get the best results. Check out YouTube for some great stay at home recipes. Since I didn’t have a plastic scraper, I used one of my plastic rulers and it worked great! Don’t need any more gadgets for the van. I’m also trying not to gain any weight. Too bad, I love bread!

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