Window cover revision #3

4/19 I am here! Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately because not much is going on. I did make another revision and they look nice. Not perfect, but better than the last ones. My goal will be to perfect this pattern. I deleted my pictures YIKES. Tells you how hard it it to focus on things right now.

4/10 I am getting so tired of making mistakes. I’ve been sewing for over 50 years and you would think that I would get this by now. It turned out that the new window covers were too small and didn’t fit the window well. I took new measurements and drafted a new pattern just to fit the window. Then I measured the outside of the well where the finished cover would be attached with magnets. Turns out that the first measurements were just a little off.

I took one of the covers apart to re use the batting and cut the rest for the the two covers. I sewed the batting the to fabric and doesn’t look that bad. I might have dressed it up a little if there was time. The black out fabric is the backing and I just hope the damn things fit now. the covers are square now and fit ok. This will be an ongoing process…

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