Van – Project Bed Frame

4/19 There are 3 sections to the bed frame. Section 1 is almost complete. The last part is to find some plywood for a shelf and have it cut. It was amazing to see how off the wheel well covers were, but I don’t think the function will be compromised. I should have put more thought into the frame designs, but again if it works I will be happy. Will share pictures soon.

4/11 I am practicing social distancing and wearing a mask when I am shopping. This week I went to Home Depot to buy supplies and materials for the bed frame. My cutting list notes and drawings look like something I’ve seen in movies, so complicated. After several drawings and mathematical calculations, I finally came up with a reasonable design that I should be able to assemble myself after all of the cuts are done. My first attempt would be to cut the 2 x 2’s down with my reciprocating saw. I had removed the original 2 x 2’s that were attached to the wall because they were too high and didn’t fit the frames I made. I then moved on to Plan B.

Yesterday, I decided to find a parking space where no one would notice me working on the van. I’ve been eyeing this spot for a while and found a place to park. It’s right next the the L tracks and across the street from a body shop, so I just kind of blended in. It was busy yesterday, but people didn’t seem to notice.

Reciprocating saws are not designed to make accurate cuts, but I did my best and got pretty close. However, after all of the mistakes I’ve been making, the only option was to go to the local hardware store and have them cut them for me with the chop saw. At the store, I explained my situation and the clerk checked the pieces for me. A couple of the 9″ pieces were dead on and the others just had to be straightened out. He cut the rest for me and I stopped to buy some coronavirus sanitizer. It looks like pretty potent stuff. I drove back to my parking space and assembled the frames inside.

Section 1: This section is on the passenger side of the van. It will cover the wheel well and batteries. The frame will be flush with the front of the wheel well cover and 23″ deep x 29″ high. One frame goes over the wheel well and will be attached to the wall. There will be supports at the top of the frames and in front on top of the wheel well cover. I’m trying to use as little space as possible for the framing. I will also install a shelf to sit on the cover and use L brackets on the frame.

Both side of the van will have the same frame set up with a slight deviation. The passenger side will have the shelf and the drivers side will be open. This side (section 3) will house the generator and water. Section 2 is in the middle and will be open underneath. I will put a platform on wheels to hold 4 totes for storage. The top of the section will have a slot in it for the table top that will slide out in front of the storage boxes. This will be my dining area.

The bed platform is heavy 3/4″ birch plywood and was cut to 41″ x 72 -1/2″, which is a 1/2″ shorter that the width of the walls. I sincerely hope that I don’t have to cut it shorter to install. That will be for another post.

Moving on!

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