Everything is going to be OK

Taping out the kitchen sink cabinet

4/29 So I can’t drive legally until I get a letter on police stationery to bring to the driver’s license facility to get a replacement. It’s only been 3 days but I am antsy! In the meantime, I’m working with a person who is going to help me but now his work (I guess he does carpentry on the side) has delayed him. I swear, the gods are not being nice to me.

Yesterday, I took off the black plastic panels on the doors and put 1″ polyisoboard foam insulation in as best I could. I used a fancy tool to pull out the nylon rivets and was thrilled that I didn’t break any of them. I made a big mess, though, and those pesky little stryofoam pellets are all over the place. I’ll need to vacuum before I can work on anything.

I called another “carpenter” who responded to my ad and he said he’ll call me back. Hah! we’ll see. I cannot waste any more time on this. Tomorrow I am off and will work on the window covers and try to figure out the curtain behind the seats.

I also sent a message to Tim, my RV guy and hope to hear from him soon. With the shelter in place order extended until the end of May, it’s getting harder and harder to get things done. I have no where to donate my stuff, no one to take the stuff and it will proably end up in the trash if it doesn’t fit in to the storage unit. What a fun day!

On the other hand, I got my water jugs the other day and taped out the kitchen cabinet sink unit. I think there’s going to be plenty of room and maybe I can squeak in a shelf to hold kitchen items and small appliances.

Moving on…

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