Lightening the load – Sewing Stuff

5/6 These postings will be on the random side as they are just thoughts about my process for purging. The images are taken from my cell phone since my camera went missing.
Most of my fabric has been donated and I am curating the remainder for projects to be done on the road. This is actually going to be fun! The plan is to choose fabric and patterns and make little “kits” to bring. Everything else will go back to storage.
There are two large totes that have to be consolidated into one beside the storage box that will house one of my machines. I was hoping to get both machines into the box but there doesn’t seem to be room. Maybe I’ll get lucky when I actually put them in for a test fit. They will have to be put in plastic bags to keep the dirt and dust out. Notions will go in one tote and as many projects as possible. I’ll find a way to have everything I need.
You can’t sew without an iron and a surface, and I bought a travel iron to take on the road. It is tiny compared to the 8# monster that I normally use. I might get one of those portable ironing boards, but don’t think I need it and will see once everything is together.
Since most of my sewing is fashion related, the fitting part will be tricky. I can’t bring my dress form and will need a larger mirror so I can see what I’m doing. There is a frame left over from one of the cabinets that I might be able to use to install the plexiglass (not sure what the material is. Not glass.)
I think that’s all I need to pare down everything and still be functional.

The monster vs. mini me

On to the next purge!

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