The sink cabinet – finishing up

5/14 It’s amazing how tedious details can be. I packed up the 7 gallon water jugs to be returned and replaced them with 6 gallon ones so it’s more manageable. The sink cabinet is mostly made of particle board and Tim, the RV guy suggested that I coat the inside with polyurethane to make it more water resistant. This will keep mold from forming. I bought more polyurethane and brushed a coat on each day for 3 days. I think this will work fine. I also coated the inside frame and doors to be on the safe side.

My quest for finding the original white stain is still ongoing and I need to get back to HD to find it. Problem is that every time I go there, the line is like 50 people deep. I am not going to wait in line, so I’ll have to go first thing in the morning or just before they close. 5/20 Update: I found out that I actually used Behr white primer and had it all along, duh! It looks great!

I’ll put the new jugs in this weekend and hook the water lines up. The 3 jugs, including the grey water jug, will be strapped together, then I’ll put bungee cords in the cabinet so they don’t slide around. I think I’ll put that non-stick shelf liner in, too, and will also put that on all of the shelves.

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