Moving day 1

5/20 It was a hard day’s night and I was working like a dog! OMG, I can’t even tell you what I went through today. Sis and bro-in-law came over this morning and were shocked that I didnt’ have anything packed. They’re like, what have you been doing all this time?!

They ripped through the condo and Bro took on hulk-like capabilities, taking furniture down and packing up boxes. Wow! I felt bad because I wasn’t organized, but they picked up the pieces and made lots of suggestions to help. I was relieved at some point, I think. Sis just kept telling me to focus on moving and not the van. I told them I was nervous. They also said that I have too much stuff for the van.

After they packed up their SUV with my stuff, I drove to the new space and registered for access. It’s a small 5 x 5 but it’s got an 8′ ceiling height and should fit everything. Then I went home and started on my clothes closet. I really don’t have that many clothes, but the thought of trying to put it all in the van is overwhelming. The rest will go to another Sis who I’ll be staying with during the holidays. She is the one whose address I’ll be using. I’m trying to keep the boxes to a minimum and managed to get shoes in a small box and all of the clothes in a superbag. WOW I am proud of mysef.

I threw out a bunch of stuff and the rest will get donated to the doorman. My back is killing me.

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