Moving day 3 – Finally out of the condo!

5/26 Last Friday was the last day in my condo. There was a floor party the night before with my neighbors to say good bye. My emotions are rearing their ugly head and I am getting choked up because I will miss them.

Friday was the final walk through in the condo, and the new owner seemed satisfied. After, we all walked over to the van to see how it was turning out. Julie, my realtor, stayed behind for a while and we chatted while she gave me a wonderful gift for the van.

Then it was back to cleaning up and packing the remainder of the condo. I didn’t think there was much, but it took all afternoon to pack up everything, and I didn’t get it all into the van until 4:30 pm. Thanks to my neighbor, Mark, for his help! I would not have been able to do this last piece of moving without him.

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