Doing the Badlands

7/13 Note: I am trying to catch up on my travels and will be posting past as well as current activities.
6/13 Visiting the Badlands is always an amazing experience, no matter what the weather. First I checked in at the White River KOA, which is just south and outside of the Badlands National Park. I was not able to book a campsite at Cedar Pass for some reason, but this camp site worked out OK. The staff was very helpful and the facilities were clean and well maintained. The only downside was the site face the back of the campground by the shed, and the mosquitoes and flies ate me alive. Having bug bite allergies did not help, but I bought some after bite ointment that helped a lot.

Driving through the park was an experience itself, as objects went flying around in the van every time I hit a bump or made a hard turn. I was constantly picking up the chair and the knives that were hanging on the magnetic holder. I’ll have to fix this. Other than that, everything held up pretty well.

It was hot! 90 and 100 degrees while I was there and it didn’t cool down that much at night. I made all of the loops except for Sage Creek Rd because it was a graded dirt road and I bumped around too much. So I missed the Prairie Dog Town. There were a lot of animals around; bison near the Pinnacle entrance, long horn sheep with babies, and yes, a few prairie dogs wandering around. My favorite spots are Yellow Mounds, Pinnacles, and the Wall. I also went to Wall Drug and bought lunch. The Covid-19 had its effects, but not as much as I thought. The workers wore masks, but most of the visitors did not. Wierd. I bought my first switch blade and the clerk was very helpful. He recommended Kershaw knives when I grow up. They’re expensive, but beautiful and easy to handle.

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