Working in Yellowstone

Terrace Springs, Mammoth

7/29 I’ve been here for a few weeks now and am having an amazing experience! Living in the park is an adventure that I will remember always. I wake up in the morning and get coffee to prepare me for a pre-work walk along the crosswalks, and gazing at my surroundings has made me very thankful that I chose this path.

We are very understaffed because of COVID, but I have my own room in the dorm and am living with women near or in my age range. The men are of similar age, and there are some younger folks as well. I think we are an amazing group! We are working very hard and have a full time schedule, with 2 days off each week. Our meals are exquisite, like living in a restaurant. No hot dogs or burgers here, except on occasion.

When I’m off, I’m exploring the geysers and other parts of the park. We are closest to West Yellowstone and it a typical tourist town, but has a camera store and a fabric store. What more do I need? I’ll be here for most of the season and am doing as much exploring as I can. Future posts will focus on certain activities, like photography and hiking, and photography and sewing, and well, you know. That’s why I came here. I will also keep you posted about how the van is holding up and what changes I’ll make in the future.

There are hundreds of pictures that made up for not taking many over the last year. Please refer to previous posts and my Instagram account for my favs!

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