My first van repair – counter top

8/18 The hot weather has taken a toll on the counter top and the laminate popped off. The carpenter used spray glue and it came undone. One of my co-workers suggested that I buy gel cement that will adhere better and also recommended a wood roller to roll over the top after it was glued.

It took a couple of weeks to receive the items and I spent one morning just sanding off the glue. There were some spots that had a heavy spray on it and I had a hard time removing it. My co-worker, Lew, took a look at it and thought that acetone might help, and he had some in his RV that I could use. I picked it up at his RV and tried removing the glue. You can see the difference on the left side of the picture where the wood is bare. It worked really well!

The hardest part was applying the glue before it dried. It was a gel cement that looked like putty and dried in 15 minutes. I applied 2 layers of glue and put a few cases of bottled water and food bags on the counter top to weigh the top down and help it stick. After a couple of days I removed everything and it looked pretty good. I think there is a slight bubble in the front, but the edges are solidly down. I just need to clean the laminate up a little with mineral spirits or acetone and it should be functional again. Thanks, Lew!

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