Getting ready for my next destination

Getting ready to move on

8/29 While we were not surprised about the store closing, we are kind of moping around because the notice was so abrupt. People are scrambling to look for new work and the rest of us are deciding where to go. My dorm mates are going home, and I checked in with my sister to see how my mom is doing. She is home from the hospital and is stable, so I decided not to go home yet until after I finish the beet harvests in N. Dakota and Michigan. So, I am planning a vacation in Utah for a few weeks until its time to drive to N. Dakota. I have to go to Salt Lake City for van inspections, repairs and another recall, so I might as well do some exploring. I’ll post another blog about Yellowstone soon. There is so much to tell!

Stay safe, eveyone. (btw, I got COVID tested and am negative).

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