Travel day to Utah

9/7/20 It was a bittersweet morning as we finished up in the kitchen and said goodbyes. Again, there were fires near Lone Star Geyser and I was glad to get away. I heard that they will burn into October.
I was on the road a little after 9 am and drove to West Yellowstone to gas up the van. Then I took HWY 20 west to Interstate 15 South toward Utah. Driving through Idaho was breathtaking and the mountains were amazing! I stopped on I-15 at a rest stop and it was the most beautiful place I’ve seen! There was a lava formation there and a trail called Hell’s Half Acre Trail. Very cool! But, it was a 10 hour driving day because of traffic.

Traffic was miserable. There were a few lane closures for road construction and there was a high wind advisory. I hate wind!! My phone had an alert for 70+ mile/hour winds until tomorrow afternoon. I’m glad I won’t be driving around for a couple of days. Then there was a truck and camper that literally flipped over on the road. It looked like they might have hit a critter. What a mess. My windshield also took a hit from a rock and has a ding in it. Something else for the dealer to look at…

Finally, I arrived in Salt Lake City and immediately drove to the 7-11 where my Amazon order was waiting for me. How cool is that? Every street downtown is named … Temple or Temple … geez how confusing. The hotel’s garage was too low for the van so they let me park in the alley behind the hotel. Now, that’s what I call great service! I am now comfy and cozy in my room and having a beer.

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