Beeten at the Beet Harvest

Sunrise at the receiving station

10/11 Hillsboro, ND – Our last shift was yesterday and now I can get some rest before the next gig in Michigan. Workamping has been a great experience and it gave this city girl a different perspective on life outside of the city. People were kind and thoughtful and I had a chance to meet people from all over the country, with different backgrounds and stories. Since the harvest is propietary, pictures were not allowed, though I did take a couple of sunrise. That was the highlight of my day, watching the sun rise every morning. It gave me something to look forward to.

I am glad that I am finished with the night shift working 12 hours a day for 13 days in a row. That was grueling!!! The work wasn’t that hard, but standing for 12 hours was exhausting. Fortunately, our piler operator gave us plenty of time for breaks and made the shift easier to work through.

The van had some issues with the sink leaking and I have to fix this soon or won’t be able to use it. Apparently, water looked like it was coming out of the PVC pipe that connected to the water hose, and there was water all over. It took a while to clean up. Other than that, the van is working fine as expected. I finally put the last piece of foam board on the door panel and it really made a difference. I will figure out how to secure it permanently, probably with foam sealant. For now, the old duct tape trick is working. I’ll be heading out within the next couple of days to the next harvest in Michigan, but will stop in the Upper Peninsula for a couple of days to do some hiking that I sorely miss.

See you soon!

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