I’m on my way home – I’m going home


11/5/2020 Michigan– Last Friday a bunch of workers were let go and the rest of us have been here since. There are just a handful of us and we are winding down at the beet harvest. Yesterday, we heard that there were just a couple of days left and it was confirmed today that tomorrow is our last day. I am mentally and physically exhausted, my hands are cramped up and I’m a bit dehydrated.
My next destination will be to visit family for the holidays and take a few days to decompress and reflect on the van life. I also need to find a place to camp and would love to find another job before I leave for winter. So much to think about and do when I get back to the city. I have no idea what the effects of COVID are since I’ve been so out of touch and wonder if I’ll be able to visit friends or former co-workers. The next few weeks will be interesting, as I put upgrades on the van, pay some bills, and get a freaking hair cut.
Tomorrow also happens to be my birthday and I look forward to spending the evening at a bonfire with fellow travelers before we leave. It’s been a long journey and hard work at North Dakota and Michigan and some of us hardly had a chance to talk or get to know each other.

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