WOW! Weight loss on the road

First hair cut since March!

10/25 Somewhere in Michigan – Some people say that when you become a full time RV’er, you either gain weight or lose some. A few weeks ago I noticed that my jeans were getting loose, and since the beet harvest began I’ve been wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. Even the Carhartt’s, which were pretty snug started to hang at my hips instead of my waist. I knew I had lost weight because I have my scale with me, but don’t weigh myself that often. Lew and I were talking about losing weight one night and I brought my scale over to his trailer to see how much he had lost. Lew lost 20 lbs! He wasn’t even trying. The next morning, I decided to weigh myself and discovered that I had lost 25 lbs. since my trip started! WOW! I noticed the loose clothing, but also have a lot more energy and generally feel good. I attribute this to a lot of exercise and not eating as much as I normally did. When I have access to a grocery store, I usually splurge and indulge my old habits. Moving forward, I will choose my grocery items more thoughtfully. The biggest challenge is not being able to cook balanced meals. It’s not easy cooking in the van because the water in the sink doesn’t work very well and clean up is a real pain in the neck! Food prep and cooking will be an ongoing challenge for me on the next trip. I would prefer to cook and do all my meal prep outside, and can’t wait to get back into milder weather.

Couldn’t get enough!

10/31 Snack Attacking!
To satisfy my emotional state, I spent a bunch of money on snacks at the Dollar Store. From Sun Chips to Twizzlers, my eyes feasted on the cornucopia of delicacies and wandered through every isle just to take in the sights. I also bought some things that I actually needed.

11/20 UPDATE: I did gain a few pounds back, but haven’t weighed myself so I am not sure how much damage was done. Still, my jeans are really loose and I need to take them in or get new ones. Let’s go shopping!

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