Rockpals battery unboxed after a year

Rockpals 300 watt power station

11/21 Zion, IL – Hi! I normally don’t do reviews here cuz I can’t sell anything until I have at least 1000 followers according to Anyway, I finally dug my Rockpals portable power station (300 watt battery) out from my storage unit and charged it up using the 12 volt plug. The box had a couple of different plugs in it for 110v and 2 different DC plugs. Like I said, I don’t do reviews for money. I think it took overnight to fully charge, as I expected. This is a very small battery, but can be useful for electronics. It has a cigarette lighter 12V DC input, 3 DC2 inputs (smaller plug) 4 USB ports of 2 varieties and an AC 110V outlet.
I blew up the first one last year when I plugged in my Vitamix and know more about batteries now than before. So far, I just plugged in my laptop and it seamed to work fine. How long this will work is still a question. I guess I’ll find out as I use it more often.
After one night, the laptop didn’t keep a charge, but I plugged in my bluetooth speaker for charging and it worked fine. I have USB ports in the van and really don’t need more. This is more like a toy gadget than anything I’ll take too seriously. I’ll charge the battery again and find more things to plug in. Stay tuned!

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