12/30/2020 – Benson, AZ It’s almost impossible to summarize this year. We have two more days of it to endure and I am extremely thankful that I am a full time RVer. Full time RVer’s have the advantage of self-quarantining, can avoid crowded cities, and generally live in a pleasant surrounding.
I thought I would miss TV, but it is not the case. I can read the news online if I choose to do so or stay as “uninformed” as I want. I do miss my Saturday night horror movie show on ME TV, but I can watch movies on Amazon, though it’s not the same. Svengoolie, I miss your funny act and great stories about the movie. 😦
Looking back, I have no regrets about my journey. I’ve seen more in the last few months than most people have seen in a lifetime. I’ve tested my strengths, found and hopefully, conquered some of my weaknesses and fears, and am constantly in a state of learning and improvement.
This is a short post, but I want to wish everyone a happy new year and cheers to a brighter and calmer 2021!

Take care and stay safe!


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