Hiking in Southeast Arizona

2/23/21 Benson, AZ – Southeast Arizona is spectacular! I always had the impression that the best scenery was in northern, AZ, but living down here for a couple of months really changed my mind. The resort has a hiking group that I immediately joined and we have hiked on some amazing trails in beautiful places. I found that I prefer to hike with the group because it’s so fun. Meeting new people and making friends is what this adventure is all about. We go hiking to a different trail every week and though the drive can be at least an hour, spending the day out in the sun getting fresh mountain air is well worth it. Our group consists of senior aged people, and we are in good health. Most of the hikes are easy to intermediate, and we don’t race to get to the end of the trail. I like to stop for photos and our leader loves to talk about the history and points out different areas of interest. We’ve even seen the Mexican border wall, that’s how close we are to the border.

At some point I’m going to go boondocking to one of the canyons and just stroll so I can take some good photos, especially at sunrise and sunset. There are so many opportunities here that it’s hard to choose a spot!

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