There’s a hole in the floor, dear Lila dear Lila!

3/29/21 A couple of weeks ago, I was having a very hard time moving the fridge out to open the lid. The platform wheels kept getting stuck and I had to lift the platform up to move the wheel out of the way. Turns out that one of the back wheels had created a rut in the floor and tore up the linoleum. I mustered up some inner strength and pulled out the fridge to see how bad it was. Well, there was a large, ragged tear in the linoleum, but the foam mat underneath was still intact. Fortunately, I had a spare piece of the flooring and cut a chunk to fit over the hole. First, I used duct tape to seal the hole as best I could, then I used M77 spray glue and placed the piece over the hole. As it was drying, I took the fridge off of the platform, which was the biggest challenge, since it weighs around 100 lbs. I removed the wheels and put the platform flat on the floor under the counter. I also removed the nails from the shelf above the fridge so I could remove it later if I needed full access to the fridge. Finally, I set the fridge back in place on top of the platform and checked to see how much room there was to open the top. Everything worked out and I’ll just have to take to fridge out to clean it.

This is not a permanent fix, but I don’t have to deal with those stupid wheels any more. My next project will be to build another platform and put bottom sliders in. I think it will work much better and still give me plenty of room. Onward!

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