Camera repair – expensive, but worth it!

Good as new!

4/5/21 I didn’t recognize my camera when it came back; it looked brand new! I had to look for some wear to make sure it was mine. Four parts were replaced that were worn or missing and the sensor was also replaced. See my woes below. I am going to try to take some night photo pictures this week and hope the pink fox face is gone. Kudos to Nikon for the repair.

3/18/21 I had to send my Nikon D7100 in for a repair that I should have done when I first got the camera. Apparently, there’s a pink flare on the right side of the camera that shows up during night time long exposures that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. The sensor has to be replaced as I suspected, and it’s almost $500! Surely, I cannot have a camera that doesn’t work at night. Now, I know that many of you would say “why not buy another camera?” and I say, they are too expensive! Yes this model is out of date, but it’s the only DSLR camera that I have, and until I can find some money, it has to be repaired. Beside, if I sell it, I won’t get anything and I might as well just keep it. And all of my lenses and filters are attached to it and I cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new system. So no camera since the beginning of March and I won’t see it for another 2-3 weeks. Bummer!!
In the mean time, I will try to figure out how to use my back up camera, a Sony point and shoot. Technically, this is a great camera, but it’s almost as complicated as the Nikon. And it’s a point and shoot that is very limited with only one lens that has a 24mm – 70mm range. I’ll put it on my tripod and take some snaps to see if it works as well. sigh…

3/26/21 Well, I figured out how to shoot in RAW with the Sony and import the images into Lightroom. I haven’t used it with the tripod yet, but will try it at some point. My Nikon is still not ready and I’m getting a little antsy. Fortunately, this gives me time to organize my pics in Lightroom and submit to Getty Images/iStock Photo. Maybe someone will like to buy an image. I won’t make a fortune, but it would feel like an accomplishment to have some sales. My goal is to upload at least 1000 pics.

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