Radiating with the Radiate Portable Campfire

4/29/2021 Review: This built-in campfire is the most awesome invention I’ve seen! The Radiate campfire weighs about 3 lbs. and comes in a tin can with a cover and had been packed in recycled paper. There is an original unscented version and I bought the eucalyptus version and it smelled so good! This soy based candle (which is really what it is) had all kinds of paper and things to create a great campfire. Last night I lit the can and though it took a few tries to get the wax to melt and start the paper, but the fire lit up almost immediately. It burned a little cleaner than a wood fire, but you cannot cook on the eucalyptus version because of the scent. I tend to keep at least 3 ft. from a fire, so this is not exactly a warming campfire for me, but the fact that there was a consistent and strong flame made me feel peaceful and relaxed, like a campfire should. Just slide the can lid over the flame to extinguish the fire. Easy peasy! My Amazon review noted about 10 hours of burning time, but the fact is that it’s only 3 – 5 hours. I ordered 2 more originals to try for my next trip.

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