I’m in the Army now! Camping with the ACE

Geese at the lake

5/24/2021 Eau Galle Recreation Area – Highland Ridge Campground, WI
This is a remote Army Corps of Engineers campground near Menomonie, in northwestern Wisconsin, near the Minnesota border. OK, it’s not that remote, but being here feels like it. The ACE built a dam that houses a reservoir and this campground was beautiful and peaceful. Originally, the spot I chose was in a group campsite, and the van didn’t quite fit. The camp host gave me the number to call the ranger. Ranger Chris was very accommodating and was able to move me to another spot. This space (#10) was very wooded and had a long driveway, with an electric hook up. It was really nice, though it was right next to the road on two sides. But it was pretty quiet and there weren’t too many campers there. There were a lot of people fishing at the lake.
Unfortunately, it rained and the trails were very muddy. I thought I was on a hiking trail that was a horse trail down to the reservoir and had to avoid poop most of the way. Finally, I reached a road and walked to the lake. Getting back was a little crazy because I couldn’t find the trail and walked much further than I wanted to. But, these are always photo opportunities, so I don’t get too stressed out. This stay was just for a couple of nights and I was ready to move on.

I visited my friends, Linda and Kevin at their house (just sold), whom I met in Arizona, and Kevin showed me the 16′ trailer that he bought for boondocking. He said that he was going to “Debbieize” it and I was truly flattered! They have a motorhome and are now full time RVers and will be “snowbirds”, traveling from Wisconsin to Arizona in the fall. Can’t wait to see how the trailer turns out. And Linda, thanks for reading my blog and being my hiking carpool buddy!

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